Security Seals



  • Most of the adhesive based seals come off when heat is applied . They can be removed without being tampered & applied back again

  • When heat is applied to our seal, then the shape & ptg of our seal will change & will not come back to original shape, so our seals cannot be removed without being tampered even by applying heat

  • When UV light is applied on our seal which has been disturbed by applying heat then the adhesive also glows & tampering of the seal is detected very easily

  • Our seals have continues number which should be readable only under UV - light and number should be printed in semi - circular shape

  • The seal has continuity line which is a new feature developed by us. But if the seal is cut then with the help of continuity tester the continuity line will not show continuity and if the seal is not cut then the continuity tester will show continuity


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